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Analytics Dispatch 6/18/2018

Predicting the World Cup

Machine learning predicts World Cup winner
Researchers have predicted the outcome after simulating the entire soccer tournament 100,000 times. (Good news awaits if you're pulling for Brazil, Germany, or Spain!) - MIT Technology Review

Advice For Applying To Data Science Jobs
This the most thorough, well-organized post on the data science job application process we've ever seen. Bookmark it immediately. - Hooked on Data

Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny
“I’m convinced that machine learning can run on tiny, low-power chips, and that this combination will solve a massive number of problems we have no solutions for right now.” - Pete Warden

A year as a Data Scientist right after college: An honest review
A fresh-faced data scientist shares his experience in the workforce—what lived up to his expectations, and what didn't. - Towards Data Science

Gender Shades
This evaluation compares how well IBM, Microsoft, and Face++ products are able to classify gender across skin types. All companies perform better on lighter subjects as a whole than on darker subjects as a whole with an 11.8% - 19.2% difference in error rates, and all companies perform worst on darker females. - Joy Buolamwini

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