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Analytics Dispatch 4/23/2018

Space junk

Yes, there really is a lot of space junk
The U.S. military's Joint Space Operations Center has recorded 15,723 objects in low-Earth orbit—including nearly 13,000 that are classified as space debris. - Axios

Use These Data Analytics Tips to Find Your Film’s Audience
The film industry is years behind others—like interactive and music—with regards to access to data. This post breaks down how filmmakers can collect data at all times throughout their art-making to build audiences and maximize revenue. - Sundance Institute

Give meaning to 100 billion analytics events a day
How one digital advertising company employs Kafka, Dataflow and BigQuery to ingest and transform a large stream of events. - Teads Engineering Blog

A Shiny App to Visualize and Share My Dogs’ Medical History
What's a digital nomad and R-user to do when she needs to share her dogs' medical records with multiple vets? Build a Shiny app, of course! Here's how. - Jenna Allen

Announcing Ursa Labs: an innovation lab for open source data science
R and Python giants Hadley Wickham and Wes McKinney are forming an independent development lab with the mission of innovating data science tooling. - Wes McKinney

New from Mode

Announcing R and Mode Studio: A Free Toolkit for Every Analyst
We're excited to introduce Mode Studio, a complete analytical toolkit that includes the core elements of Mode, available for free, forever. (Psst, that includes R notebooks, too!)

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