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Analytics Dispatch 3/26/2018

You've got one (million) shot(s)

Visualizing One Million NCAA Basketball Shots
Google recently uploaded a ton of data about NCAA games, players, shot locations, and more. This fun analysis is just the tip of iceberg—play around with the massive data set yourself in BigQuery. - Max Woolf

Histograms and Density Plots in Python
You can get by for a while using a simple histogram. But eventually you'll run into a data set that requires something new to effectively display a single variable. - Towards Data Science

Opinionated analysis development
This gem of an essay clearly describes how data science should work: strive to make your analysis reproducible, accurate, and collaborative, and conduct blameless postmortems to course correct when something goes wrong. - PeerJ Preprints

Set Operations in SQL and Python: a Comparison
Set operations take center stage in the latest installment of our Bridge the Gap series. Learn how to compare and combine data sets in both SQL and Python, so you can choose the best tool for the job. - Mode

Artist + AI
Here's a new Twitter account for you to follow. This artist combines her hand-drawn work with generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create something completely new. - Helena Sarin

New from Mode

Delivering Embedded Analytics With Wordpress
You can now integrate Mode White-Label Embeds with Wordpress to add analytics to internal wikis and logged-in customer or partner portals. Get the plugin.

Mode + dbt + Stitch DataEngConf SF Happy Hour
Let's kick off DataEngConf SF 2018 with a bang! Come join some of the sharpest data engineers and data scientists around for a casual happy hour on April 16th.

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