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Analytics Dispatch 3/19/2018

Ethical code

SQL for Data Analyst
By the end of this free and beginner-friendly course, you’ll be able to write efficient SQL queries to successfully handle a variety of data analysis tasks. - Udacity

Developer Survey Results 2018
This year, Stack Overflow collected responses from more than 100,000 developers. One of the most notable discoveries concerns ethics: “Developers are not sure how they would report ethical problems, and have differing ideas about who ultimately is responsible for unethical code.” - Stack Overflow

Demystifying Docker for Data Scientists – A Docker Tutorial for Your Deep Learning Projects
Is Docker really the best thing since sliced bread? Find out in this tutorial, which covers the basics of how to interact with Docker containers and create custom Docker images for your AI workloads. - Microsoft's Machine Learning Blog

Styling Analysis with Python
You don’t need to create the Mona Lisa of data visualizations for your audience to understand your analysis. These functions are like spice in a dish; a little goes a long way. - Mode

Data-driven unit testing for data scientists and quant developers alike
The key to good unit testing is paying attention to the data in your tests and focus on testing the most important parts of your model or system. These guidelines will help you streamline your unit testing and avoid ambiguous results. - Cartesian Faith

New from Mode

[SURVEY] Making the leap from academia to industry We’re putting together a blog post that features advice from people in the data science and analytics communities that have made the leap from academia to industry. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear your perspective & share it with our community!

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