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Analytics Dispatch 3/5/2018

300 years of data viz

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Engineering — Part II
The second part of this series covers data modeling, data partitioning, and ETL best practices, all with code examples from Airbnb's open source ETL tool Airflow. - Towards Data Science

Semantics of timezone-aware datetime arithmetic
One reason why you can't "just use UTC" all the time is that you often need "wall time" semantics—the relationship between two times as displayed by the clock on the wall, regardless of the absolute elapsed duration between them. Here's how to deal with that in Python. - Paul Ganssle

300 years of data visualization
Explore the origins of some of today's most used chart-types, from choropleth maps to venn diagrams. (And if you want to learn how this infographic of infographics was made, check out this post.) - info we trust

8 Great In-App Analytics Pages in B2B Software
You probably have data that can help your users do their jobs better and frame your business in a positive light. Here are some great examples of companies providing valuable usage data to their customers through in-app analytics. - Mode

Conversations with Future Data Scientists
Ryan Swanstrom put together a YouTube playlist of his answers to questions from aspiring data scientists like “How do I transition to data science?” or “Why should I start a data science project?” Most of these videos are under the 2-minute mark. - Data Science 101

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Mode Analytics Office Hours
Come join the analysts and data scientists from Mode Analytics for open office hours. Bring your laptop; we'll bring the pizza.

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