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Analytics Dispatch 2/5/2018

Why recommendation engines fail

Exploring Recommendation Systems
In practice, recommenders don’t always work as well as we’d like them to. This post sets out to discover why. - Fast Forward Labs

Fitness tracking app Strava gives away location of secret US army bases
In a case of content marketing gone wrong, fitness tracker Strava shared a heatmap of every single user activity ever uploaded to the app. Although pretty, the map is detailed enough for someone to clearly identify internal layouts of foreign US army bases in countries such as Afghanistan, Djibouti, and Syria. - The Guardian

A Code of Ethics for Data Science
Speaking of the responsible use of data... the former U.S. Chief Data Scientist has issued a rally cry for the data science community to band together and take a leadership role in defining right from wrong. If you're interested in contributing to the conversation, join the Data for Democracy Slack group. - DJ Patil

Data visualization tools drive interactivity and reproducibility in online publishing
Great ideas in here for how journals can use tools like Shiny, Plotly, and Altair to publish accessible and accountable research. - Nature

How to Create a Great In-App Analytics Page
If you’re kicking off a project to build your own in-app analytics, keep these six considerations in mind. - Mode

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Drill Deeper, Make Better Decisions
Now, before going back to an analyst to ask your next big game-changing question, you can answer more of the simple stuff on your own—right in the Mode report they’ve shared with you.

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