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Analytics Dispatch 1/15/2018

Follow the tea trails

Tea if by sea, cha if by land: Why the world only has two words for tea
How the only two words for tea spread around the world offers a clear picture of how globalization worked before “globalization” was a term anybody used. - Quartz

How We Made Our School Segregation Interactive
Alvin Chang—a graphics reporter for Vox—shares the design and design decisions behind a piece that helps people to figure out whether their school district perpetuates segregation. - Source

[THREAD] So here's my postmortem after hunting for a data science job
“I’m tired of all the Medium thought pieces on how to become a data scientist because they don’t reflect the reality of getting a relevant job from the applicant’s side. And it’s hard, especially without a Masters/PhD.” - Max Woolf

Turning Design Mockups Into Code With Deep Learning
Ever wish you could automate the front-end engineering process? Here's how to teach a neural network to code a basic HTML and CSS website from a design mockup. - FloydHub

New from Mode

Scaling Event Tables with Redshift Spectrum
As Mode's customer base grew, we reached a point where our infrastructure wasn't capable of handling the exponentially increasing volume of event data. Here's how we saved Redshift performance by offloading 75% of our event data to S3 in less than a week.

35 new and improved Python libraries in Mode
Analysts can now use Mode’s Notebooks to do more of the tasks that Python does best, from data visualization to machine learning, data wrangling, and more.

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