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Analytics Dispatch 1/8/2018

Where athletes come from

Transitioning From Academia to Industry: Perspectives from Indeed’s Data Scientists
Anyone who has considered leaving the ivory tower should give this a read. - Indeed Data Science

Selecting a Cloud Provider
Since its inception, Etsy has hosted its site and services in self-managed data centers. Now the company is switching over to Google Cloud Platform. Their CTO shares what went into their five-month-long evaluation process. - Code as Craft

Where Athletes in the Premier League, the N.B.A. and Other Sports Leagues Come From, in 15 Charts (paywall)
This year, most of the top professional sports leagues in North America and Europe will be more international in composition than ever before. - The Upshot

Learning Curves for Machine Learning
How do you diagnose bias and variance? And what actions should you take once you've detected these errors? - Dataquest

New from Mode

In Early-Stage Analytics, Decide and Move Forward
Many startups hesitate to invest in analytics for fear of cost, lock-in with a monolithic vendor, or lack of data. Two simple principles can help you avoid these challenges and start building an analytical decision-making culture from day one.

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