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Analytics Dispatch 1/2/2018

No free lunch

One Year as a Data Scientist at Stack Overflow
Lots of great reflections in here about being a data scientist at a small company, the R workflow, and working remotely. We especially love this: “Data science is highly technical work, but the value of my technical work would be much lower if I could not communicate what it means in clear and compelling ways.” - Julia Silge

The list of 2017 visualization lists
Lists inside a list (inside a dream?—no wait, that's Inception). - Maarten Lambrechts

[THREAD] Recommended companies for early-career data scientists
This is a goldmine for junior data scientists looking for companies with defined career paths and mentorship opportunities. - Hilary Mason

2017: The year AI beat us at all our own games
“Over the past 12 months AI crossed a series of new thresholds, finally beating human players in a variety of different games, from the ancient game of Go to the dynamic and interactive card game, Texas Hold-Em Poker.” - New Atlas

25% APR
Machine Learning: The High-Interest Credit Card of Technical Debt
There's no such thing as a free machine learning project. Avoid or refactor these risk factors and design patterns to keep technical debt from piling up. - Research at Google

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