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Analytics Dispatch 12/18/2017

Now in 3D!

The Missing Layers of the Analytics Stack
Collect, transform, analyze. These are the three pillars that support the modern analytics stack. Looking ahead, new layers may be added to streamline current sticking points, like data cleansing and anomaly detection. - Fishtown Analytics

Apache Airflow for the confused
Do you need a clear explanation about this task orchestration tool, sans the technical language? This post unpacks the jargon with a very apropos metaphor—air traffic controllers. - NYC Capital Planning

From Data Visualization to Interactive Data Analysis
Many of the data visualizations shared publicly are meant to inspire or explain. It's time to bring the third purpose of data viz—analysis—into the spotlight. - Enrico Bertini

How many images do you need to train a neural network?
The technically correct answer is: “It depends.” The ballpark answer is: “1,000 representative images for each class.” (With some caveats of course.) - Pete Warden

New from Mode

Analyzing Customer Success Performance With 3D Visualization
Adding a third dimension to your visualizations can help you compare customer success rep performance across multiple metrics.

Molecule Makes an Impact
Discover how Molecule uses Mode White-Label Embeds to deliver real-time market data to customers, when and where they want it.

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