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Analytics Dispatch 12/11/2017

Postgres is hip again

Why old-school PostgreSQL is so hip again
How did a 21-year-old piece of technology become the world’s fourth most popular database? - InfoWorld

Don’t Ignore Bears: The Pitfalls of Summarizing Data with Medians
Some folks are big fans of the median as a summary statistic. But it has some big downsides—as all statistics do. - Towards Data Science

Bridging the Trust Gap: Data Misuse and Stewardship by the Numbers
Consumers don't understand how companies actually use their data. Meanwhile, companies think more consumers understand data stewardship practices than actually do. - The Boston Consulting Group

NIPS 2017 — Highlights
If you didn't attend the conference on Neural Information Processing Systems last week, never fear! Catch up on the latest in AI with these day-by-day summaries. - Insight Data

The U.S. Leads in Artificial Intelligence, but for How Long?
Government policies such as the tax bill, reduced funding, and tightening of rules on immigration for international researchers threaten the U.S.'s advantage in AI. - MIT Technology Review

New from Mode

Designing An Analytics Stack Like We Design Software
The most data-informed and data-literate companies in the world are leveraging increasingly modular, microservice-like architectures in their data infrastructure. What does that mean for the present and future of data science?

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