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Analytics Dispatch 11/27/2017

A measure of fairness

Data Meta-Metrics
How do you communicate confidences and doubts about data to a non-technical audience? Check out one analyst's method for adding a “state of the data” aspect into her presentations to get the whole team involved in the data improvement process. - Caitlin Hudon

Fairness Measures
Awareness of the bias of algorithms is important, but here's a way to actually do something about it. Run your dataset through this Python package and you'll get back a measure that quantifies discrimination within that dataset. - Fairness Measures

An Interactive Tutorial on Numerical Optimization
People often implement numerical optimization algorithms in machine learning projects without much thought as to how they work. This post aims to change that with interactive visual representations of each algorithm. - Ben Frederickson

Engaging the Ethics of Data Science in Practice
“The critical writing on data science has taken the paradoxical position of insisting that normative issues pervade all work with data while leaving unaddressed the issue of data scientists’ ethical agency. Critics need to consider how data scientists learn to think about and handle these trade-offs, while practicing data scientists need to be more forthcoming about all of the small choices that shape their decisions and systems.” - Association for Computing Machinery

New from Mode

Mode's Python Notebooks now support the Requests library
See what's possible in Mode now that you make HTTP requests to pull richer data into your Notebooks.

Amazon Redshift Improvements & re:Invent 2017
We're excited about the updates AWS has in store, and we're even more excited to see you at re:Invent 2017 this week! Catch the Mode team at Booth #2730.

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