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Analytics Dispatch 11/20/2017

Tracking your Thanksgiving

Communication in data science
When people stress the importance of good communication in data science, they're usually talking about communicating results—the last step in a data scientist's workflow. But communication is more than just a final bottleneck. It’s important at every stage. - University of British Columbia

Why is this company tracking where you are on Thanksgiving?
A data study of how political divisions affected 2016's Thanksgiving celebrations is raising some eyebrows within the data science community, including those of former U.S. Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil. SafeGraph provided the researchers with 17 trillion very specific location markers for 10 million smartphones, despite claiming that the data they collect is anonymized. - The Outline

[VIDEO] Corporate Data Science
A great talk for those tasked with growing a data science team, covering how to optimize a team's makeup across many dimensions and instill in them the importance of caring deeply about data collection, security, ethics, and interpretability. Get the slides here. - Angela Bassa

Heatmap of NYTimes Crossword grids by day of week
This is a fun one for crossword aficionados. A member of the New York Times Games team created a set of visualizations to examine patterns within all historic puzzles. - r/dataisbeatiful

How Generative Music Works
Generative music is created by a system to be ever-different and changing. This detailed visual presentation surveys the landscape of systems (including, yep, machine learning) for making such music. - Tero Parviainen

New from Mode

Webhooks and the Mode API are here
Now you can now build real-time notifications based on Mode events and send data from Mode into tons of other workflows and tools. You're only limited by what you can dream up.

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