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Analytics Dispatch 11/13/2017

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Causal Inference With pandas.DataFrames
There's now a causality package in Python to make causal inference more accessible so analysts and data scientists can incorporate it into their day-to-day. The intro is worth reading, even if you're not a Python user. - Adam Kelleher

Avoiding Being a 'Trophy' Data Scientist
A collection of the challenges data scientists face in their quest to add value to a company. - Peadar Coyle

Changepoint Analysis of Time Series Data
Learn how you can use the changepoint R package to identify when a video switches from one scene to the next. - Uru

The three-degree world: the cities that will be drowned by global warming
Worldwide efforts have been focused on limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, but the latest projections point to a 3.2C increase by 2100. These interactive maps explore how sea-level rise will affect the most-impacted cities. - The Guardian

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