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Analytics Dispatch 10/23/2017

Trust the process

Not a revolution (yet): Data journalism hasn’t changed that much in 4 years, a new paper finds
Exploring the news through an interactive visualization can feel cutting-edge, but data journalism's labor intensity and reliance on officially collected data make it “more likely to complement traditional reporting than to replace it on a broad scale.” - NiemanLab

AMA: Ben Falk, former VP of Basketball Strategy for the Sixers and Basketball Analytics Manager for the Blazers
Ben Falk got into basketball analytics in 2002 and watched the field evolve from basically nothing to rendering the NBA unrecognizable. In this AMA he shares how he got started, tactics for communicating analysis to coaches, and why he doesn't like using one-number stats to produce player rankings. - /r/nba

From Power Calculations to P-Values: A/B Testing at Stack Overflow
If you're a little fuzzy on the relationships between sample size, effect size, false positive, and false negative rates, this post and the accompanying interactive calculator will clear things up. - StackOverflow

Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards
Explore some of the most inspiring and inventive data visualizations of 2017 (and vote for your favorite!). - Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards

What, exactly, is dbt?
Go deep on dbt, a command line tool that handles the T (transform) in ETL. - Fishtown Analytics

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