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Analytics Dispatch 10/2/2017

Something's rotten

Cognitive Hollywood: Data Shows Box Office Economics in Turmoil
Film studio execs say poor Rotten Tomatoes' reviews are to blame for the summer box office slump. This analysis debunks that myth and surfaces something more profound: “Audience scores and critic scores are increasingly correlated, meaning that audiences are becoming expert at smelling a 'bad' movie and staying away.” - Vantage

Data Science for Fraud Detection
A primer on the inner workings of fraud analysis, from dimensionality reduction to anomaly detection. - codecentric

9 Elements of Deal-Closing Sales Demos, According to New Data
Forward this one to your sales team. This is yet another good example of a company using their proprietary dataset (in this case, recordings of sales calls) to tell stories and generate interest in their brand. -

How Stitch Consolidates A Billion Records Per Day
Ever wanted to know how the people who make ETL tools set up their data infrastructure? Wonder no more. - StackShare

New from Mode

Visualization Filters
The newest chart builder feature is officially live. Visualization filters let analysts and report viewers explore data sets visually to share ideas and spark conversation.

Better Admin Controls with Query Headers
Admins, this one is for you. Query Headers let you better manage query queues, improve query performance, and have more visibility into how Mode interacts with your database.

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