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Analytics Dispatch 9/18/2017

Data security for data scientists

Data Security for Data Scientists
The Equifax breach is yet another reminder that data security is no longer a niche speciality of database admins and network engineers. Here are 10 suggestions for ensuring the data you work with is properly protected. - Andrew Therriault

Lego color themes as topic models
If each Lego brick color were a word, which Lego sets would have the most limited or diverse vocabularies? Find out in this analysis, which applies techniques associated with text mining to the color themes of Lego sets. - Nathanael Aff

Can Neural Nets Detect Sexual Orientation? A Data Scientist’s Perspective
Dig into the data behind Stanford's controversial paper Deep Neural Networks Can Detect Sexual Orientation From Faces. -

Scalable Machine Learning (Part 1)
What do you do when your training dataset fits in memory, but the dataset you're making predictions on doesn't? This post (and the accompanying Jupyter notebook) identifies where the usual pandas and scikit-learn for in-memory analytics workflow breaks down and offers some solutions for scaling out to larger problems. - Tom Augspurger

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How to Find the Best Data Jobs
Ready to start your career in data or work something new and exciting? Mode's got a job board for that.

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