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Analytics Dispatch 8/28/2017

The Data Trust Gap

[VIDEO] Data Science without Borders
In his JupyterCon keynote, Wes McKinney makes the case for a shared infrastructure for data science, discusses the open source community's efforts on Apache Arrow, and offers a vision for seamless computation and data sharing across languages. - O'Reilly

Buggy Python Code: The 10 Most Common Mistakes That Python Developers Make
This list ain't for rookies. Here are some of the subtle, harder-to-catch errors that have even advanced Python users tearing their hair out. - Toptal

Giving Your First Data Science Talk
Here's why you should consider giving a talk and how to prep. Our favorite insight: your audience is the you from six months (or one year or five years) ago. - Hooked on Data

The Data Trust Gap and How to Close It
78% of people have trouble trusting companies with their data; that means if your customers do trust you with their data, you have a competitive advantage. How do you get there? By making sure data transparency isn't an afterthought. - InVision

Switching to a Probabilistic Model for Venue Search in Foursquare
How Foursquare's engineering team improved the accuracy and user experience of their location intelligence by switching from a search ranking algorithm to regression trees and probabilities. - Foursquare Engineering

News from Mode

Job Opportunity: Data Science Evangelist
We're looking for an accomplished data scientist to help us expand our community efforts. You'll be the face of Mode within the data science and analytics community—speaking at conferences, creating tools and engaging content, and owning our educational resources. Apply here.

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