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Analytics Dispatch 8/14/2017

Exposing espionage

Note: We'll be taking next week off. The Dispatch will be back in your inboxes on August 28.

Scaling Analytical Insights with Python (Part 1)
FloSports' VP of Product shares the subscriber retention analysis that allows their business to move quickly as the number of data sources and volume of data increases. - Kevin Boller

BuzzFeed News Trained A Computer To Search For Hidden Spy Planes. This Is What We Found.
Learn how BuzzFeed trained a random forest algorithm to spot planes flown by the FBI and DHS (and check out the code on GitHub). - BuzzFeed

Good, Evil, Ugly, Beautiful: Help Us Make a ‘Game of Thrones’ Chart
Place 50 GoT characters on a matrix of morality and physical appearance, and then see how your choices compare to the general consensus. - New York Times

Using optaplanner to plan water supplies
Does your job involve a lot of resource planning? Learn how to use OptaPlanner—an open-source constraint satisfaction solver—in the most Silicon Valley way possible: planning out water logistics for Burning Man. - Richard Weiss

New from Mode

Choosing an ETL tool for your analytics stack
In the market for an ETL solution? Here's the criteria we employed when we evaluated ETL vendors for our own use here at Mode.

Job Opportunity: Data Science Evangelist
We're looking for an accomplished data scientist to help us expand our community efforts. You'll be the face of Mode within the data science and analytics community—speaking at conferences, creating tools and engaging content, and owning our educational resources. Apply here.

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