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Analytics Dispatch 7/17/2017

Graphing Jane Austen's genius

Human-Centered Machine Learning
For UX folks: A 7-step guide to stay focused on human needs when designing with machine learning. - Google Design

How to spot a misleading graph
This is a great video to share with your friends and colleagues who are a little less data savvy. It shows how “cherry picking” data, manipulating axes, and leaving out contextual information can warp a chart's message. - TED-Ed

The Word Choices That Explain Why Jane Austen Endures
“What traits make Austen special, and can they be measured with data? Can literary genius be graphed?” Spoiler: the answer is yes. - New York Times

Joy Plots
Check out this new R package for a new chart type: joy plots. They'll come in handy for those who want to vertically stack distributions and have an aversion to violin plots. - eagereyes

You probably won't want to set this chart-inspired font to default, but that doesn't stop it from being a downright delight to look at. - info we trust

News from Mode

Brand. New. Charts.
Phase II of this summer’s code-free data exploration is here. With new Mode charts, analysts can shift heavy lifting during exploratory analysis away from SQL and into visual tools.

WrangleConf: Challenges in Building Data Science Products
In San Francisco next week? Swing by WrangleConf on July 20 and check out a panel with our CEO, Derek Steer.

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