Not Hotdog

How R Powers Data Science at Microsoft
“Every application we have today… can be made more intelligent by having a layer of R in the middle.” - insideBIGDATA

Data Everywhere, Statisticians Anywhere
Three lessons Nathan Yau has learned by blogging about statistics over the years. He shared this as a commencement speech with the graduates of UCLA’s statistics program; it’s an inspiring and encouraging read for anyone who wants to work with data. - FlowingData

Predicting the Success of a Reddit Submission with Deep Learning and Keras
It all comes down to two things: the time of day and a catchy title. - Max Woolf

How To Get People to Value Your Analytics work — the Principle of Scarcity
It doesn’t matter if you deliver the best analyses in the world if you can’t persuade people to make use of those analyses. - Jon Tesser

How HBO’s Silicon Valley built “Not Hotdog” with mobile TensorFlow, Keras & React Native
The use-case may be farcical, but the deep learning and edge computing behind it are very real. - Hacker Noon

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In the gallery: Dashboards
Want to create custom dashboards that make your data sing? We’ve made it easy to get started with example reports you can clone and apply to your own data.

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