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Analytics Dispatch 6/26/2017

A tale of two axes

Two years as a Data Scientist at Stack Overflow
Two years in, David Robinson chronicles hiring a second data scientist, teaching R to developers, and writing production code. - Variance Explained

Py 2.0
Check this out if you've got an iPhone and want to learn to code Python, SQL, HTML—actually, pretty much any language—on the go. - Product Hunt

Tabs, spaces and your salary - how is it really?
Data from a recent Stack Overflow survey shows a correlation between developers who use spaces in their code and higher pay. Follow along with this deep data dive, and you'll discover there's more to tabs and spaces than first meets the eye. - Evelina Gabasova

One set of data, many stories
“Or, why a dual y-axis chart is not a normalized delta chart.” - Zan Armstrong

People are talking about: Quick, Draw! data

Google recently open-sourced the world's largest doodling dataset, and the analyses and visualizations are pouring in.

News from Mode

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