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Analytics Dispatch 6/19/2017

Going vertical

Getting started: the 3 stages of data infrastructure
Setting up data infrastructure no longer feels like “trying to build a skyscraper using a toy hammer.” Nowadays there are so many options that assembling a data stack is downright daunting. Take a deep breath, and start here. - Nate Kupp, Thumbtack

Gun Emoji Pairings
Ever wonder what emoji come before and after the gun emoji? Now you know. - Lexical Items

Vertical AI Startups: Solving Industry-specific Problems by Combining AI and Subject Matter Expertise
“While most of the machine learning talent works in big tech companies, massive and timely problems are lurking in every major industry outside tech.” - Bradford Cross

29 common beginner Python errors on one page
Beginner or not, you'll want to print out this flowchart and keep it at your desk. - Python for Biologists

Visualizing Uber and Lyft trips in San Francisco: more than 200,000 trips a day.
This “data explorer” from the San Francisco County Transportation Authority is a great example of visualization in the public sector—and just downright fun to click around. (Plus, check out the entirely open source stack used to build it.) - Hacker Noon

News from Mode

[WEBINAR] Analyze customer behavior across domains
Don't forget to join Segment and Mode on June 27th to learn how businesses can measure customer activity across their digital properties, without exposing user data to third parties.

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