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Analytics Dispatch 6/12/2017

Big data B.S.

J.P. Morgan’s massive guide to machine learning and big data jobs in finance
Get the key takeaways from this 280-page report, including essential data analysis packages, hiring tips, and which machine learning techniques to apply to which problems. - efinancialcareers

4 steps to conducting a proper root cause analysis
Whip out this guide the next time your boss asks you a question like “Why is revenue down?”
- Outlier AI

How Histograms Work
Seeing distributions is way more interesting than means and medians, which oftentimes overgeneralize. But a lot of people don’t understand what a histogram shows or how it works.
- FlowingData

How to Call B.S. on Big Data: A Practical Guide
One of our favorite tips in here: “If you’d ask [a question] at a car dealership, you should ask it online, too.” - The New Yorker

New from Mode

Athos Changes the Game
Athos is revolutionizing sports performance with muscle activity based data. Learn how this smart startup uses Mode for fast access to business intelligence.

AMA with Mode's Director of Marketing
On June 15th Emily Ritter will be answering questions about combining empathy and analytics to bring brands to life. Submit your questions over on GrowthHackers now!

[WEBINAR] Analyze customer behavior across domains
Join Segment and Mode on June 27th to learn how businesses can measure customer activity across their digital properties, without exposing user data to third parties.

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