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Analytics Dispatch 6/5/2017

Disney's algorithms

These days in baseball, every batter is trying to find an angle
In 2015, the MLB introduced a new metric— the “launch angle.” Since then, batters have become obsessed with hitting higher and harder and baseball saw the biggest surge in home runs since the steroids era. Coincidence? Probably not. - Washington Post

The Algorithms Behind Moana’s Gorgeously Animated Ocean
Disney engineers used a series of algorithms to simulate realistic water movement, like splashes, eddies, and wakes. The simulation output millions of new points of animation data that were smoothed into the final rendering of the film. - The Atlantic

How to Hire a Product Analyst 6 things to look for in a product analyst + 14 questions you can use to tell a good candidate from a great one. - Amplitude

Beyond the sea
What would you see if you could stare directly across the ocean, from shore to shore? It’s not always the place you think. Find out with this interactive map, constructed in D3. - Andy Woodruff

People are talking about: the Paris climate agreement

Last week, President Trump announced his plans to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement. Here's some data on climate change and where environmental issues fall along party lines.

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Filters: fast, easy data exploration
Filters are the first step in our four-phase rollout of code-free data exploration. Quickly home in on a subset of a dashboard’s data, without having to load the database by re-running underlying queries.

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