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Analytics Dispatch 5/22/2017

The Emoji States of America

Spotting a million dollars in your AWS account
“Shooting for 80% completeness (being willing to say 'it's good enough') ended up saving us again and again from rabbit-holing into analysis that didn’t meaningfully impact our spend.” - Segment

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to d3.js
Intimidated by the long list of functions in d3’s API documentation? Paralyzed by choosing from dozens of d3 tutorials? Start here. - Ian Johnson

Methodologies as Vanity Metrics
“When you work on learning new methods (Now I know Random Forest! Now I know K-L Divergence! Now I know Deep Learning!) it feels good—you’re exercising your brain, you know something you didn’t before—and it’s easy to think you’re progressing. But methods don’t in and of themselves drive value.” - Ian Blumenfeld

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The Emoji States of America
A quick scan of these modified Chernoff faces (a visualization technique that maps statistics to facial features) reveals how each state stacks up in terms of uninsured rates, unemployment rates, poverty rates, and more. - Axios

A Dozen DataViz-Related Pinterest Profiles to Follow
Has your inspiration dried up? Get those creative juices flowing with work from some the greatest data viz practitioners around. - PolicyViz

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Code-free and code-first analysis, together at last
For the past six months we've been building a completely new kind of business intelligence. Now we're excited to give our customers Early Access to code-free data exploration. (Plus, we're announcing our Series B financing.)

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