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Analytics Dispatch 5/15/2017

Counting the hours

How we learn how you learn
Duolingo leveraged their product data to create a new statistical model for effective language learning. - Making Duolingo

Data Driven Products Now!
Here's Etsy's exact process for validating new products and features with data, before starting in on the development process. - Dan McKinley

Visualizing uncertainty in housing data
The data visualization field doesn't agree yet on the best way to visualize uncertainty, but these three charts are a great place to start. - Len Kiefer

Building Data Science Teams
Should data science teams be standalone or embedded or integrated completely? How should a company conduct their data science hiring process? Instacart's VP of data science shares their secret sauce for keeping data folks happy and productive. - Jeremy Stanley

How the Average Adult Spends Days
“Each square represents a single day between age 18 to a life expectancy of 78.8 years, or 22,573 days including leap days.” - FlowingData

People are talking about: the U.S. Census Bureau

President Trump cut funding for the U.S. Census Bureau, which means the bureau won't have the money they need to accurately collect numbers on the U.S. population. “The numbers from the Census Bureau underpin just about everything we know about the economy, education, health and justice in America. Without them, the U.S. government won’t be making public policy based on public need.”

New from Mode

4 Design Tips for TV-Ready Dashboards
How to build full-screen dashboards that'll keep everyone on your team tuned in to the data and focused on the right metrics.

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