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Analytics Dispatch 5/1/2017

100 billion events

[THREAD] “Many enterprise 'AI products' and 'machine intelligence' products built today have limited appeal or impact”
One investor's self-described “unpopular” opinion. - Sarah Guo

Reliable export of Cloud Pub/Sub streams to Cloud Storage
Here's how Spotify's data infrastructure team set up an event delivery system to handle over 100 billion events generated each day. - Spotify Labs

Profiling a Dataset of Craft Beers
Learn how to summarize a dataset with descriptive statistics using this fun Python tutorial. - Jean-Nicholas Hould

Data Visualization “Versus” UI and Data Science
Another perspective on the claim that data visualization professionals “end up transitioning into data sci/eng or UI”—from someone who started out in UI and transitioned to data viz. - Lynn Cherny

Why We Feel So Squeezed in the Skies
“People are flying more often, in fuller planes and paying higher fees.” How did we get here? - New York Times

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