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Analytics Dispatch 4/24/2017

Architecture of Giants

Save this hashtag for the moments when you need to jog your memory on some basic concepts. - Chris Albon

Setting up SQL for beginners is hard
SQL's human-language-like syntax and declarative nature make it the perfect language for people with no coding experience. But getting data available in the right structure presents a major barrier to entry. Here's how to quickly build a stack for teaching SQL to others. - Vicki Boykis

7 Disruptive Trends to Watch For in Analytics in 2017
A wide-sweeping look at why data tools are changing to address problems like governance, collaboration, and backlogs of data requests. - Graphiti XYZ

Architecture of Giants: Data Stacks at Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and Pinterest
Learn how tech behemoths store and process petabytes of interactions, page views, and customer data. -

[VIDEO] Is Your Organization Ready for ML?
Don't make this mistake: “[M]any organizations rush to hire ML experts without laying the proper foundation to ensure their success, including creating proper database architecture, building out essential data science technology, establishing data governance, and instilling data-driven decision-making throughout the organization.” - RE•WORK

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