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Analytics Dispatch 4/10/2017

I saw the sine

How You Battle the "Data Wheel of Death" in Growth
“Most companies that want to get more serious about data approach it as a project. Something with a definitive start and a definitive end. In reality, data is an ongoing, never-ending project, similar to building a product.” - Coelevate

Data Minds Episode #6 — Derek Steer
Mode's CEO talks the most common misconceptions about analytics, the skills that data people need to foster to become team leaders, and how the data team can make the case to invest in the tools they need. - Data Minds

How to stay out of analytic rabbit holes: avoiding investigation loops and their traps
“[O]ver-analysis begins when the data scientist starts focusing on the hypothesis instead of the decision.” Here's how to tell the two approaches apart and avoid analysis paralysis. - cyborgus

The Etymology of Trig Functions
Way more engaging than your high school math class. - Matthew Conlen

New from Mode

Custom Data Visualizations in the Workplace
ICYMI, here's a recap video of of presentations from data team leaders at Envoy, Good Eggs, and Thumbtack on their highest-impact work, how projects are conceived and received, and tips for identifying when to to invest in custom data viz.

Using dbt and Mode to Help Eko Rebuild its Analytics Stack
Learn how interactive video player Eko built a new data modeling layer and kept data consistent across internal and external reporting.

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