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Analytics Dispatch 3/27/2017

Subreddit math

Dissecting Trump’s Most Rabid Online Following
Come for the “subreddit math,” stay for the latent sentiment analysis methodology. - FiveThirtyEight

Group-by From Scratch
What's the best way to split-apply-combine in Python? Although pandas groupby() is the widely-accepted default answer, there are situations where using built-in Python operations and NumPy and SciPy operations are more effective. - Jake VanderPlas

Distill: An Interactive, Visual Journal for Machine Learning Research
This new online publication is bringing academic journals into the 21st century: “A Distill article... isn’t just a paper. It’s an interactive medium that lets users – 'readers' is no longer sufficient – work directly with machine learning models.” - Y Combinator

Taking Prophet for a Spin
Been meaning to try Prophet? Check out this walkthrough of Facebook's Bayesian-influenced time series forecasting package (for both R and Python!). - Fast Forward Labs

People are talking about: corporate data viz

Everyone claims to know “the value of data visualization,” but data viz practitioners have yet to carve out a dedicated role for themselves in industry. Here are some thoughts on how to anchor “bespoke data visualization as a full fledged profession in corporate settings.”

New from Mode

Custom Data Viz event in San Francisco - March 28
Last chance! Join us next Tuesday at the Mode office, where analysts from Thumbtack, Good Eggs, and Envoy will share how they're using custom data visualizations to communicate with their teams. RSVP here.

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