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Analytics Dispatch 3/20/2017

Perl is dead

How to choose a project to practice data science
Why you should eschew the “jump in and build” method, and just dip a toe in instead. - Sharp Sight Labs

The eigenvector of "Why we moved from language X to language Y"
There are tons of blog posts out there about “why my team moved from that programming language to this programming language.” One engineer wrote a script to find the probability of switching, and his results might indicate which languages will be popular in the future. - Erik Bernhardsson

Data hackathon challenges and why questions are important
“Without clear direction on what to do with the data or questions worth answering, hackathons can end up being a bust from all angles.” - FlowingData

The death of interactive infographics?
A great guide for determining when a story justifies in-depth data exploration and when it (most often) does not. - Dominikus Baur

New from Mode

25+ Resources to Learn D3.js from Scratch
There's essentially no limit to the types of data visualizations you can make with D3. Here's a guided path of resources for mastering this flexible data viz tool.

Custom Data Viz event in San Francisco - March 28
Join us at the Mode office, where analysts from Thumbtack, Good Eggs, and Envoy will share how they're using custom data visualizations to communicate with their teams. RSVP here.

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