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Analytics Dispatch 3/13/2017

Open source burnout

[PODCAST] Data Science On The Silicon Beach
In this interview, the Chief Data Officer for the city of San Diego discusses his team's ad-hoc approach, integrating their stack with legacy systems, and his plans for employing data to alleviate traffic congestion. - Partially Derivative

Hundreds of Guardian blind dates
Each week, the Guardian fixes up two of its readers. Using R, one fan of the column scraped and analyzed the data from hundreds of post-date interviews. - Maëlle Salmon

Data GIFs and How to Make Them
Ah, the GIF. For 28 years, this file type has been used to elicit chuckles and combine multiple images and ideas. When a static chart simply won't do, check out this tutorial for making data visualization GIFs of your very own. - Lena Groeger

Tapestry 2017 Recap
Tapestry is a conference that brings together data storytellers of all stripes to share and learn from each other. Here's a recap in the form of beautifully drawn sketchnotes. - Catherine Madden

Hacking Growth bundle
Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown have a new book coming out called Hacking Growth. Preorder it before April 25, and you'll get discounts on a whole host of tools growth pros use (including Mode!)

People are talking about: open source burnout

The goal of open source is to empower developers; they get access to free code and can shape the future of the project. But it's not without its flaws. Maintaining an open source project—triaging issues, implementing updates—requires a colossal amount of human capital and time, which can eventually lead to developers burning out.

New from Mode

Taking Data Viz to the Next Level
Companies like Shopify, Mapbox, and Thumbtack show off the completely custom dashboards and charts they've made with Mode.

Keep Your Dashboards On Brand With Custom CSS
A step-by-step guide for turning a Mode report into a fully branded resource to share across your entire organization.

Custom Data Viz event in San Francisco - March 28
Join us at the Mode office, where analysts from Thumbtack, Good Eggs, and Envoy will share how they're using custom data visualizations to communicate with their teams. RSVP here.

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