Testing time series

How to change careers and become a data scientist - one quant’s experience
One quant shares her story of switching from energy trading to data science: the resources she used, the classes she took, her decision to move to the Bay Area, and her advice for handling tech culture shock.
- fast.ai

Airflow and the Future of Data Engineering: A Q&A
“[F]uture startups will be catapulted up the data maturity curve with access to better, cheaper, more accessible analytics software and services.” - Astronomer

Mathematicians becoming data scientists: Should you? How to?
Tips for determining if you’ll actually like the work data scientists do and positioning your mathematics background as an asset when you’re interviewing. - Quomodocumque

What’s Wrong With My Time Series
When you want to test a model’s predictive power, cross validation is usually the way to go. However, since data points in a time series are dependent on each other, randomly selecting subsets for training and testing won’t do. Check out these other ways to determine error sources in time series. - MultiThreaded

Hiring a data scientist
Hiring for a data analyst is no easy task. Wikimedia shares how they drew on existing resources to synthesize a better approach to interviewing and hiring a new member of their data team. - Wikimedia

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4 Handy SQL Tips for Pivot Tables
Best practices for cleaning and structuring data sets to work optimally with Mode pivot tables.

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