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Analytics Dispatch 2/20/2017

Closed data

Getting critical with data literacy
“The skills needed to copy and paste your spreadsheet into a great tool like Datawrapper or RAW seem far less urgent to me than being able to critically assess the limitations of your data and what it might make your viewer think.” - Zara Rahman

Unlearning descriptive statistics
If you've ever used an arithmetic mean, a Pearson correlation, or a standard deviation to describe a dataset, this post is for you. - Stijn Debrouwere

How The Internet Talks
And by “Internet,” we mean mostly young, mostly male Reddit users. Search for a word or phrase and see how its popularity has changed over time—from late 2007 through the end of 2016. *- FiveThirtyEight

I ranked every Intro to Data Science course on the internet, based on thousands of data points
There are a ton of data science training options online, but which one is the best? - freeCodeCamp

People are talking about: disappearing data

Since Trump was elected, folks have been scrambling to archive U.S. government data in case it becomes inaccessible. Last Tuesday, the White House Open Data page was stripped of all its data. Try searching for a dataset and you'll be met with “No Results.”

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