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Analytics Dispatch 1/30/2017

The hottest year yet—again

[PRESENTATION] Scaling Data Science at Stitchfix
Not many companies can say they employ 80 data scientists. The folks at Stitchfix share their tactics for making data and compute resources more accessible—which in turn keeps data scientists happy and infrastructure healthy. - MultiThreaded

Machine Learning Videos
More of a visual learner? Here's a repository of recorded talks at machine learning conferences, workshops, seminars, and more. - Dustin Tran

The Rise of the Data Engineer
An in-depth manifesto for data science's younger sibling. - Maxime Beauchemin

TrumpWorld Data
Buzzfeed put together a dataset to shed light on Trump's giant network of businesses, investments, and corporate connections. Right now, it includes more than 1,700 people and organizations. Explore the data yourself via Github or Google Sheets. - Buzzfeed

People are talking about: climate change

NASA and NOAA data shows 2016 was the hottest year yet—that's the third year in the row for those keeping count.

Meanwhile, the changes at the EPA under the Trump administration—the freeze on contracts and grants, media blackout order, and mandate that studies and data must undergo review by political staff before release—have people around the world rushing to help the U.S. save its climate data, in case it's taken offline.

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