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Analytics Dispatch 12/19/2016

Guerrilla archive

2016: A Year of Data-Driven Confusion
“We need strong mechanisms for ethical and fair practices within teams and organisations, and a culture where pushing back on conclusions is well-received and seen as a sign of strength, not of defiance.” - Model View Culture

What I Learned Recreating One Chart Using 24 Tools
An incredibly insightful and nuanced lay of the charting tools land. - Source

[PODCAST] White House Special with DJ Patil, US Chief Data Scientist
In this interview, DJ talks about the government's relationship with Silicon Valley, the White House's position on data ethics, and why George Washington was actually the first U.S. Chief Data Scientist. - Partially Derivative

The Rhythm of Food: Analyzing food seasonality
Remember those beautiful charts depicting food seasonality a few weeks back? The data viz practitioner responsible shares his process for investigating a complex cultural phenomenon using Google Trends data. - Truth & Beauty

People are talking about: #DataRefuge

Scientists are concerned about access to U.S. government data—particularly climate and environment data—once the Trump administration enters the White House. The Penn Program in Environmental Humanities is spearheading an effort to “guerrilla archive” as many datasets as possible before January 20th. But others are worried that “data could be compromised more subtly and more systematically over the next four years.”

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On Friday, we put a bow on “12 Days. 12 Features.” If you've got a case of FOMO, here are some highlights from the second week:

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