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Analytics Dispatch 12/12/2016

Analyze the rainbow

The Game Theory of the Yankee Swap
Want to get the best present at this year's White Elephant gift exchange? Prep for total domination with these Python models. - Ben Casselman

Got ticked off about Skittles posts, so I decided to make a proper analysis
We all have our favorite Skittles flavor (even if it happened to be replaced with Green Apple). But is the distribution of Skittles skewed toward a particular color? - Reddit user zonination

Time Series Analysis in Python- Linear Models to GARCH
A well-written, comprehensive primer on the time series models available in Python. - BlackArbs

Breaking the Vanity Metric Cycle
“[B]reaking free of worthless metrics is hard because it is breaking a psychological reward, not just adopting some new stats.” - Amplitude

[TWEET] What library do you use for information theory in Python?
This thread is a goldmine if you're looking to calculate entropy, mutual information, or any other information theory metric. - Randy Olson

New from Mode

We're on Day 8 in Mode's series of 12 new features. Here are some highlights from last week:

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