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Analytics Dispatch 11/28/2016

The good ol' days

Trust in Data Science
“An untrusted analysis is an unused one, regardless of the quality. So how does one go about building, or rebuilding, trust in the face of challenges and failure?”
- Clover Health

The Limitations Of Data And Benchmarks
On the other hand: “All the quantitative analysis in the world won’t lead me to the next great idea for startup. Those figures can’t create empathy, develop the right culture, or hire the right people.” - Tomasz Tunguz

[PRESENTATION] Text Analysis and Visualization
Ever wanted to try text analysis in Python, but didn't know where to start? Here's your launch pad. - Irene Ros

Building a Financial Model with Pandas
Expand your knowledge of Python and Pandas and analyze your mortgage payment options. Two birds, one stone. - Practical Business Python

Shift Your Point of View to When America Was “Better”
“Back in the good old days...” Were they so good? It all depends on when you are and your criteria for “better.” These charts let you select a year as a point of reference, and see how other years compare in terms of unemployment rate, minimum wage, and more. - FlowingData

New from Mode

Want to Shape the Future? Start Predicting It: Next Tuesday, we're hosting a flash forecasting workshop led by one of Twitch's data scientists. Space is limited, so get your free ticket now.

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