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Analytics Dispatch 11/14/2016

The non-election issue

Last week was really something. There are tons of think pieces and analyses of why the polls were so wrong. Today, however, we're taking a break from the deluge—no politics allowed.

Practical advice for analysis of large, complex data sets
“This document has been read more than anything else I’ve done at Google over the last eleven years. Even four years after the last major update, I find that there are multiple Googlers with the document open any time I check.” - The Unofficial Google Data Science Blog

Visualizing Career Paths: Quantifying the evolution of individual scientific impact
Is a scientific career predictable? Not in the slightest. Turns out, it's completely random which paper in a scientist's career becomes the most successful one.
- Northeastern University

415 Data Visualization Tools
This collection of tools might seem overwhelming at first. Fear not! Filtering by features, data types, cost, and several other variables will help you find what you need, fast. - Adil Yalçın

Is Bayesian A/B Testing Immune to Peeking? Not Exactly
A common A/B testing mistake is to monitor the test and stop it when the p-value reaches a certain threshold. Many have suggested that using Bayesian methods eliminates this “peeking problem,” but all is not as it appears. - Variance Explained

20 Weird & Wonderful Datasets for Machine Learning
Getting your hands on a robust dataset is the hardest part of machine learning. Finding interesting datasets is tougher still. From UFO sightings to beautiful Flickr photos, you're sure to find something to train your model. - Oliver Cameron

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