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Analytics Dispatch 11/7/2016

When charts lie

Ten Ways Your Data Project is Going to Fail
"Many companies seem to go through a pattern of hiring a data science team only for the entire team to quit or be fired around 12 months later. Why is the failure rate so high?" - Martin Goodson

If Artificial Intelligence Wrote the Presidential Acceptance Speech
Clinton and Trump are two of the most unpopular presidential nominees in U.S. history. That made us wonder: Would we be better off if a machine wrote their speeches? - Mode

Let’s Chart: stop those lying line charts
In a quest for connected points and smoothed lines, we may be implying continuity where it doesn't exist. - Signal v. Noise

[LONG READ] The Cubs Just Ended Baseball's Analytics War
When Theo Epstein helped the Red Sox win the World Series in 2004, sabermetrics wasn't a widespread practice. With the Cubs' win last week, Epstein ended yet another World Series drought, despite facing analytically savvy opponents. - The Ringer

The Gone Girl With The Dragon Tattoo On The Train
It feels like every other book on the bestseller list has “girl” in the title. But who are these girls? And why are there so many of them? - FiveThirtyEight

People are talking about: election maps

Tired of looking at red and blue maps? We feel you. With one day to go, and still so much uncertainty, there's one nagging question: do election maps communicate information clearly?

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