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Analytics Dispatch 10/31/2016

Double the Trump

Why I’m Teaching Twitch to Predict the Future
Forecasting is a good habit to adopt in the workplace. It'll help you figure out the odds of delivering on your goals. Plus, having a record of accurate predictions builds trust in your work and analytical thinking in general. - Twitch

Every Trump/Clinton Photo used by the Top News Media Companies
“About one in 10 posts feature an image of the major-party nominees. Trump appears more than twice as often than Clinton. Whether the news media is biased or not as he claims, they certainly love using his mug.” - Polygraph

Data Sets Are The New Server Rooms
As Foursquare has proven, collecting proprietary data from the get-go can lead to a major competitive advantage in the long run. But doing so requires cash, and lots of it. - John Nussbaum

[PODCAST] How One Man’s Bad Math Helped Ruin Decades Of English Soccer
Here's a conundrum for you: Charles Reep, the father of soccer analytics, recommended a playing style that's partially responsible for the Brits playing such a bad football.

P.S. This episode is from the FiveThirtyEight documentary podcast series “Ahead Of Their Time.” Sports history fanatics, add it to your feed immediately.
- FiveThirtyEight

[PAPER] Data-Driven Guides: Supporting Expressive Design for Information Graphics
Right now, there are two types of tools for making data visualizations: rigid charting tools or freeform illustration tools. Data-Driven Guides is a technique that makes the best of both worlds. - Nam Wook Kim

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Want to show the distribution AND the probability density of a dataset? Fret not—here's a primer on violin plots.

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