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Analytics Dispatch 10/10/2016

Studying The Simpsons

The Simpsons by the Data
America's favorite family has been around for 27 years, providing plenty of data to analyze. Find out who's the most talkative side character in Springfield, if Homer was always the star, and how much longer the show's ratings can last. - Todd Schneider

On Average
Does the average person actually exist? Probably not, as it turns out. Learn how the concept of “average” influences product design, and why that's not always a good thing. - 99% Invisible

Farmers Markets
Can you find real maple syrup outside of Vermont? Or seafood in the midwest? Or pet food anywhere? Check out these interactive visualizations to see what you're most likely to find at a farmers market near you. - Susie Lu

What Would It Take To Turn Blue States Red?
Explore this interactive data visualization to see how small voting shifts among different demographics can impact the Presidential election. - Five Thirty Eight

People are talking about: the Nobel Prizes

The 2016 Nobel Prizes were awarded last week. The prize-winning work might change how we visualize basic objects, but many folks noticed that the laureates themselves look increasingly similar.

New from Mode

Stumped on how to use SQL to find values in one table that are NOT present in another? Check out this anti join tutorial to explore business situations where something hasn't happened.

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