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Analytics Dispatch 10/3/2016

Data movie magic

Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards - Shortlist
The shortlist for the Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards has been released, highlighting the best work in data visualization over the past year. Check out the nominees across six different categories, including data journalism, infographics, and interactive visualizations. - Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards

GGPlot2 As a Creativity Engine, and Other Ways R is Transforming the Financial Times Data Journalism
Learn how the Finanical Times produces high-quality data visualizations in this presentation, complete with the R code and data used for their piece, Explore the changing tides of European footballing power (paywall). - Financial Times

DataViz in the Movies
From chalkboards to 3D holograms, the next time you need some visualization inspiration check out how Hollywood's best directors use data to tell stories. - Info We Trust

This Map Shows Who Would Win The Election If It Were Held Today
Learn how media outlets use different styles of cartograms to visually represent the state of the race, and explore who the polls predict to win each state with this interactive visualization. - Time Magazine

People are talking about: the presidential debate

Last week's highly anticipated presidential debate did not disappoint. Pollsters are racing to assess who won the debate, while most folks are just trying to get the facts straight.

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