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Analytics Dispatch 9/26/2016

Polling the pollsters

We Gave Four Good Pollsters the Same Raw Data. They Had Four Different Results.
Dig into the methodology of four different pollsters to learn how choices made about handling data, such as adjusting the sample and identifying likely voters, can impact results. - New York Times

When Did Charts Become Popular?
Charts have become so ubiquitous that it's easy to take their existence for granted. Explore how the use of charts in the media has changed dramatically throughout the past 150 years, suing data from the New York Times. - Priceonomics

Real-world data cleanup with Pandas and Python
Cleaning data is a tedious yet essential part of every analyst's day. Learn how to use Python and Pandas to ensure that their data is clean, without worrying about overlooking any potential issues. - TrendCT

New Tech and A Little Story About Neymar, Andros, and Eden Hazard
Improvements in player statistics have created a fun new way to follow soccer, er, “football.” Take a walk through the basic logical process of choosing the right metrics to evaluate player performance. Even non-soccer fans will love the results. - Stats Bomb

People are talking about: women in Hollywood

At the Emmy's this past week, Netflix received more headlines for their #SheRules ad spot than they did for their awards. This has heightened interest in an issue that's been talked about for some time now: the lack of complex film roles for women.

New from Mode

Tired of spending hours in Excel to put together an ad spend report? Read this post to learn how to calculate daily spend on AdWords and Facebook in SQL so you can ditch the spreadsheets.

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