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Analytics Dispatch 9/19/2016

Income rising

Visualizing Hundreds of My Favorite Songs on Spotify
A deep statistical dive into defining songs with attributes—such as tempo, energy, and valence. - Cuepoint

How important is creativity in a data visualisation?
What makes a data viz creative? This post tackles the question by examining real-world examples from practitioners like Andy Kirk, Giorgia Lupi, and Stefanie Posavec. - Neil Richards

Surviving Data Science "at the Speed of Hype"
Complex optimization models work best when they're asked to deal with stable business problems, like airline scheduling or ad targeting at Google. But at a startup, where the business model is constantly changing, simply summarizing data is a much better way to find answers. - John Foreman

A Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature
“When people say the climate has changed before, these are the kind of changes they're talking about.” - xkcd

People are talking about: income

Last week, the Census Bureau released a report stating: “In 2015, household income grew at the fastest rate on record [and] the poverty rate fell faster than at any point since 1968.”

New from Mode

Blog post: Making Simple Visualizations Easy: A Front-End Engineer's Perspective

Product update: Formatting a SQL query, no matter how long or complex, is now as simple as clicking a button. Read more.

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