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Analytics Dispatch 9/5/2016

What is Bayesian, really?

Is urban cycling worth the risk?
We've all heard the horror stories about bicycle accidents on city streets. But if you take into account other dangers like heart disease and air pollution, choosing not to cycle may be far worse for your health. - Financial Times

How We Rebuilt the Wall Street Journal’s Graphics Team
The WSJ used to have two Graphics teams—one for print and one for the web. Combining the two has allowed editors to focus on storytelling from the start of projects, instead of the medium. - Source

To the point: 7 reasons you should use dot graphs
The pros of dot plots (illustrated with real-world examples) and why they're often a better choice over bar and line charts. - Maarten Lambrechts

The Three Faces of Bayes
The term “Bayesian" can refer to a variety of philosophies and ideas. Read this article before the next quant-heavy cocktail party you attend, so you'll know what's what. - Slackpropagation

Postgres Data Types to Redshift Data Types
Switching from one flavor of SQL to another can be a major pain. This table translates Postgres data types to their equivalent in Redshift. Definitely worth starring on Github. - Rob Story

People are talking about: Fantasy Football

It's that time of year again. Here are a few tools to help you get a leg up on the rest of your league.

New from Mode

Blog post: Pareto Chart 101: Visualizing the 80-20 Rule

Product updates:

  • Dynamic Parameters - Use the results of one SQL query to populate the dropdown menu for a parameter in another query.
  • Dashboard Reporting - Write queries against multiple data sources and present the results in a single Mode report.
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