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Analytics Dispatch 8/29/2016

In English, please

Usain Bolt and the Fastest Men in the World Since 1896 – on the Same Track
We know, we know. The Olympics are over, but we wanted to squeeze in one last data viz from Rio before the long wait 'til 2020. - The New York Times

Crime in Context
Trump says crime is up. Obama says it's down. Most Americans believe crime is worse, but far fewer believe it's worse where they live. So who's right? The Marshall Project sliced 40 years of crime data from several angles to find out. The result is a great example of bringing together human perspectives and data to tell a compelling story. - The Marshall Project

R Psychologist
Puzzled by p-values? Confounded by confidence intervals? Stumped by significance testing? This site is a bevy of interactive visualizations illustrating tricky statistical concepts. Even if you're a statistical genius, it's worth a visit to play around. - Kristoffer Magnusson

Colorgorical: A tool generating categorical color palettes
Any data viz practitioner worth her salt knows color is important. Don't spend time painstakingly picking out a color palette for your charts—Colorgorical will generate one for you based on number of colors, perceptual distance, and hue. Colorgorical is also on Github if you want to peek under the hood. - Colorgorical

Statisticians, Remember Your Native Tongue
"You can be the most advanced statistician in the world, but if you cannot clearly report your findings to decision makers, your work is wasted." - Perceptual Edge

New from Mode

Blog post: Your data is messy. Spruce it up with one of these 8 Python libraries for cleaning and formatting data.

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