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Analytics Dispatch 8/22/2016

End the language war

EASY AS 1, 2, 3?
3 Reasons Counting is the Hardest Thing in Data Science
Counting isn't technically difficult; the real challenge lies in managing relationships and office politics that surround the task. - Dayne Batten

Was There a Problem with the Rio Pool?
No, we're not talking about the green water hullabaloo. This detailed data exploration covers a different issue: Was there a current in the Rio pool affecting swimmers' speed? - SwimSwam

The Repetitive and Boring History of Visualization
Ask someone about the history of data visualization and you're sure to hear the same mantra of examples: William Playfair’s trade-balance time-series chart, Florence Nightingale’s “rose diagrams,” John Snow's cholera map. While these early data viz have great stories attached to them, we don't know exactly how impactful they were during their day. This post highlights three little-known examples that probably shaped the craft more than any of the usual suspects. - eagereyes

Forget Python vs. R: how they can work together
Apparently we can all get along. The folks at Civis Analytics share the benefits of using both languages and give an example of how you can use C as a bridge to both Python and R. (Slides and a video from the original SciPy talk are also available.) - Civis Analytics

Visualizing Clusters of Clickbait Headlines Using Spark, Word2vec, and Plotly
Facebook recently announced they'll limit exposure to articles with clickbait headlines in News Feed. Might heuristics and machine learning help separate the wheat from the chaff? - Max Woolf

New at Mode

Considering a career in data science? Time to read up. Here's a list of tutorials, tips for interviewing, and stories from people who've made it. Read the post.

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