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Analytics Dispatch 8/8/2016

Visualizing Slack

Star Trek Viz
Explore this network visualization of the entire Star Trek universe (except for Star Trek: Beyond). Filter by episode, movie, series, or character to see the bonds formed amongst the Starfleet crew. Live long and prosper, folks. - Datascope Analytics

Ethics for powerful algorithms
Contrary to a ProPublica investigation, COMPAS—a proprietary algorithm used to predict police recidivism and inform parole—isn't statistically biased against black people. However, that doesn't mean COMPAS isn't deeply unfair. This is the first of four posts digging into data science ethics. - Abe Gong

See What’s Really Going On In Your Company's Slack With This New Visualization App
Ever wanted to visualize your team's Slack communication? Startup Moovel built #teamchatviz to see if their goals for interdisciplinary, company-wide collaboration were playing out in Slack. It's free and open-source. Try it out with your own Slack data. - Co.Design

Women Are Being Left Behind by the Sports Data Revolution
Nate Silver once wrote “Sports has awesome data.” But hang on, we need to qualify that: “Men's sports has awesome data.” The surprisingly little amount of data collected on women's sports limits the kinds of stories sports journalists can tell.
- How We Get To Next

Visualizing the Summer Games
It's Day 4 of the Rio 2016 Olympics. If you're ready to take a break from watching, check out this gallery of cool data viz about the games from the Tableau community. - Tableau

New at Mode

Data folks gathered at the 2nd annual WrangleConf in San Francisco a few weeks ago to discuss ethics in the field. If you couldn't be there, check out our write-up.

Last October, our friends at RJMetrics introduced the beta version of their ETL service, RJMetrics Pipeline. They’ve officially taken that beta tag off, and spun out the product under a new name—Stitch. Learn more about how Stitch consolidates your data from different SaaS tools into one Redshift warehouse.

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